Hello dear friends!

Thank you immensely for coming along with us on our journey. We wouldn’t be who we are without the family and community that we have been blessed with.

Our journey has taken us from Hong Kong, to New York, back to Hong Kong, then to Southern Illinois, and now to Colorado. Through it all, we look back and see how Jesus has been walking with us this whole time – through the ups and downs, the great times and the terrible times. He has been the constant, the glue in our marriage and family.

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year, 2020, and we couldn’t be more thrilled (and slightly terrified) to be embarking on this adventure, together, with the Lord as our guide. And we can’t wait to share it with you, our friends. 

More about us

Some fun facts so you can get to know us!

We have three boys, Nick is also one of three boys. His brother has boys. It's a boy family and we don't mind one bit!

Nick is a 9w1 & Christine is a 3w2. We only recently started realizing how this affects our marriage. It's amazing and challenging at the same time 🙂

Nick is an introvert who feels most alive when at rest. Christine is an extrovert who feels most alive when in motion. We have a hunch God put us together so our differences would make us individually more balanced & whole.

Nick was born in St. Louis. Christine was born in Taipei but grew up in New Jersey. We met in Hong Kong then went our separate ways. After we got married, we ended up living there for 5 years.

We love tea. It's a habit we picked up from our British friends in Hong Kong. Sharing our hearts with each other over a cup of tea is our absolute favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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