Finally, Cows!

This week was a big week for us. Our mini Jersey bull and heifer were delivered into our care. We’re boarding them at our friends’ farm as our barn & fencing won’t be ready until summer, but they are officially our cows. We are responsible for their lives and care and they will play a part in sustaining and nourishing our family with milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and so much more more!

I’ve never had cows before. Or sheep, or pigs, or my own chickens. I’ve never trained livestock guardian dogs, or adopted a burro. But these are all things we plan to do in the near future.

I’m nervous, I’m thrilled. I think those two adjectives combined have been the story of my year and will continue to be.

My heart feels like it’s pumping harder and faster, in a good way, and Nick tells me I’m glowing. I smile through tired eyes as I think about our cows.

It’s been two years since God planted this dream in my heart. At that time, it was just a very simple thought. A place in Colorado where we can steward creation in the way of the mandate given to man in Genesis to “subdue the earth and fill it” (1:28), and invite people to come and partake in the Lord’s rest.

Then there was a rather long period of incubating, akin to an egg being set on by a broody mother hen.

For months, I couldn’t do anything that would practically contribute to the actualization of that dream. We were living in the Midwest, no animals, no land, no idea how we would be able to move to Colorado.

Instead, I could only imagine and research and make loose plans, then I would scratch out the plans and go back to imagining and researching again. Always trying to absorb new ideas, new ways of perceiving opportunities. It was a constant balancing act of trying to figure out when to act and when to wait.

It was during this two-year wait that I learned about regenerative agriculture, read up on soil health, watched YouTube videos about homesteading, and browsed thousands of informational posts in different animal groups.

Somewhere in the middle of that, the Lord swung open the door to Colorado in the form of a job placement for Nick. But even now, we wait as we rent in the city while our home is being built.

Just in the last few months, I’ve reached out to dozens of breeders of all sorts of animals, strategized on barn and fencing, planned budgets as much as I could predict, and spent hours searching and pinning and taking notes, often to have my plans fall through and then starting back at square one. (If you don’t believe me, read Trailure Failure and Got a Plan?, and then call me and ask me and I can tell you at least a dozen other things that threw us for a total 180).

And yet, now, this week, the egg of that dream is beginning to hatch. In the form of a sweet little heifer and a quiet, handsome bull.

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that through all the dreaming and planning, the Lord had been the one who presented every good idea to us, like a delectable feast of inspiration before our souls.

In His gentle ways, the Holy Spirit is nudging us along the right path, allowing me to make mistakes and to learn from them, but also heading me in the right general direction. I believe, hope and trust that God will continue to help us navigate these waters.

Last year, I wrote in my prayer journal, in big lettering,

My Dreams were Your Dreams First

When the Lord plants His dream in your heart – whatever form it may be in – it burns like a fire inside of you. It keeps you going, through disappointment, sadness, and tears. And as you see it unfold, as you get little tastes of it here and there, it fuels you to press onward.

I believe that God has a dream for each of us. Chances are, yours may not have to do with stewarding land and animals.

Perhaps yours is a dream to start a company that gives more than it takes, or make great music that heals people’s hearts, or invent a new form of energy, or help others achieve their goals. It won’t look like my dream or your neighbor’s dream or your mother’s or your friend’s.

Because our God is creative and limitless. Just as he makes every single person in the world different, I believe he sets a completely unique dream in each of us. One that is specifically and intentionally purposed for who we are and where we are.

When we live in alignment with God’s dream for us, we taste the fullness and passion for life that He intended for you and for me.

I personally believe when we live out our God-given dreams, secure in our God-given identities, we exude one of the greatest testimonies of faith for the world.

If you’re interested in some great material regarding living out God’s dream for us, my friend/spiritual mentor, Eunice, of The Journey Home, shared this great message by Shawn Bolz with me a while back (link below). It was during my incubating period, and it meant so much to me, encouraging me to stay the course. If you’re incubating a dream you feel God put on your heart, I highly recommend checking it out.

ICLV | Shawn Bolz — Provision for Your Destiny | Aug 17th, 2017 (

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I'm a dreamer who loves spending lazy days nestled up at home with her husband and three boys. I am always up for meeting new people and learning new things. My absolute biggest passions in life are seeing lives transformed by Jesus and helping people achieve their dreams. Currently, I'm studying up on how to homestead using regenerative agricultural practices, and am thrilled to share our journey in Colorado with you all!

  • Priscilla
    Posted at 22:02h, 06 March Reply

    Your dream is taking shape Christine! How wonderful! Thank you for reminding us that God plants the dreams in our hearts. Love reading your sharings. Please keep it up! x

    • Christine
      Posted at 15:01h, 10 March

      Thank you so much, Pris!! ❤️

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