High Country

For a majority of 2020, on top of the macro stresses we have all faced, there had been a steady build up of stress and feelings of entrapment in my life. I found myself overwhelmed with burdens and responsibilities I willingly took on in years past. Though not bad in themselves, and in fact serving a very important role in equipping our family for the future, they turned into weights on my soul, and no longer something I could manage. It was time to let them go.

I took an overnight trip to the high country, dedicated to purposefully offloading all the burden, and setting time aside to process the inner turmoil that had built over many months, talking with God and being real with all the feelings that had built up. With the burden gone, I finally felt like I had space to look towards the future.

The mountains have always represented peace and stillness to me, a sanctuary of hope and place where I am hidden from the burdens and cares that so can so easily feel suffocating to me.

Perhaps if you are reading this you can relate? This photo for me represents a clear ending to a chapter in my life, and a spark of hope in a new chapter that is beginning. I’ve lived, I’ve learned, and I’m focusing now on what God has in front of me, no longer the past. I thank the Lord because without him, it would not be possible. Here’s to the future and letting go of the past.


Nick is the calm, steadfast half of the Jubilee marriage. He has a passion for rest, intimacy, the mountains, and loves to spend time in awe of God's creation. He adores his wife and three children, and is looking forward to seeing what the Lord will unfold in their lives.

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