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Dreamers see the world around us as bigger than it is. In every problem, we see a hundred opportunities. If you’re a dreamer, this post is for us.

The first time I watched the movie, The Greatest Showman, it was on a tiny airplane screen while my 4 year old slept in my lap, so it wasn’t the most memorable experience. Well, I gave it another chance and re-watched it this past weekend on Disney+, I was in the mood for a fun, light-hearted, feel-good story line.

I ended up bawling through most of the movie.

Tears! Tears for The Greatest Showman is probably not the typical response.

Yes, the movie takes a lot of poetic liberty with the “based on a true person” story of P.T. Barnum. But something about the way Hugh Jackman’s character is portrayed struck a deep chord in my heart.

Many times throughout the movie, as I examined the character of P.T. Barnum – the entrepreneur, the visionary, the optimist, the family man, the dreamer – I felt that I was looking at myself. And when he battled his broken past, trying to overcome his pain with striving, performance, and achievement, I recognized that in myself as well.

The similarities I identified with in the protagonist reminded me that I am a dreamer. With all its ups and downs, that is part of who I am.

If you’re a dreamer, this post is for us.

Dreamers see the world around us as bigger than it is.

In every problem, we see a hundred opportunities.

We have an undying optimism that things will work out – if we just get started, we can figure it out as we go along.

We go day to day thinking about things that could happen years from now.

We are big picture people, we prefer seeing the forest to the trees.

Dreamers don’t identify ourselves by a single role or title. We flow through life following our passions, whether that makes us a marketer, a mom, a farmer, a counselor, all in the same breath.

But our Dreamer strengths can also be our weaknesses, and I confessed these to Nick yesterday after we watched the movie.

Being a dreamer means it’s often hard for me to live in the present. I find myself constantly thinking of what is next, what opportunities await us – “if we only do this and that, we can be here, or even better, there! in a couple years.”

In one of the heartwarming parts at the end of the movie, Barnum sits down with his wife at his daughters’ ballet recital and has the epiphany that amidst all his amazing and crazy ideas and endeavors, his family was still the reason for it all. He sings, “It’s everything you ever want, it’s everything you ever need. And it’s here right in front of you.”

But to be realistic, for a dreamer at heart, there will always be a constant battle of needing to find the balance of when to simply enjoy and be present in the blessings of now, and when to be looking forward and imagining a future that can be shaped and molded by our plans and actions. Both are good, both are needed.

If I were to only ever live in the present, nothing in my life would change for the better unless it was somehow by accident.

But if I always live thinking about what’s next, then I risk living a life of “never enough” and will miss the most beautiful moments in my life that are worthwhile right now.

Sometimes, as a dreamer, I feel alone.

Not everyone thinks the way we think. In fact, some people think we’re crazy.

Some may think we’re irresponsible, chasing our passions where they take us, regardless of how much money it makes or how it appears to society.

Some people might think we’re “too much” – too many ideas, too much lofty thinking, too many projects started up

There may be a hint of truth to some of this, and I can humbly say that I am learning there must be a balance in it all. But a dreamer is who God made me to be, and I don’t intend to cover it up or hide it.


I'm a dreamer who loves spending lazy days nestled up at home with her husband and three boys. I am always up for meeting new people and learning new things. My absolute biggest passions in life are seeing lives transformed by Jesus and helping people achieve their dreams. Currently, I'm studying up on how to homestead using regenerative agricultural practices, and am thrilled to share our journey in Colorado with you all!

  • Marilyn Gray
    Posted at 11:08h, 19 September Reply

    Love this post. I’m going to forward it to some of my friends.

    • Christine
      Posted at 11:11h, 19 September

      Thank you, Marilyn! I love that the post resonated with you ❤️

  • Eunice
    Posted at 08:38h, 19 September Reply

    This is so real. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Christine
      Posted at 11:11h, 19 September

      Thank you for reading!! Cheers to a fellow dreamer ?❤️

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