Jesus Wept.

My heart is breaking for the crisis in our nation and world. I know there are many stories of hope and faith, stories of people coming together, helping each other, caring for one another, and I am beyond thankful for this. But my heart is heavy. 

I grieve for those who are sick, for those whose family and friends are dying. I grieve for those who are living in fear, isolation and anxiety. I grieve for my fellow Asian Americans who are being targeted by angry people looking for somewhere to place their blame. It is so painful to feel like an unwanted scapegoat.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe in His mercy and grace. I believe there is good that will come out of this. But I am reminded that to have hope, to put faith over fear, doesn’t mean that we don’t grieve.

To have hope doesn’t mean we deny the pain. 

In one of my all time favorite stories of my Jesus, he displayed his beautiful heart of compassion when he was met by Mary & Martha upon the death of their brother. He knew that for God’s glory, Lazarus would be raised from the dead within moments. He knew that he himself would defy death. He had no fear, and he had perfect faith. And yet, Jesus’ heart grieved with his friends who were grieving. 

He didn’t look trivialize their pain, he didn’t scold them for their lack of faith. He wept with them because he loved them. As he loves you and I. 

I believe the Lord weeps with us. Just as I believe that He will bring a resurrection of hope to this situation of death. 

If you are fearful today, if you feel the weight of struggle upon your spirit, I, like our Jesus, am here for you. If you are weeping today, I weep with you.


I'm a dreamer who loves spending lazy days nestled up at home with her husband and three boys. I am always up for meeting new people and learning new things. My absolute biggest passions in life are seeing lives transformed by Jesus and helping people achieve their dreams. Currently, I'm studying up on how to homestead using regenerative agricultural practices, and am thrilled to share our journey in Colorado with you all!

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