Simple Weekly Planner Printable

I’ve more or less packed up all the extra unnecessary items in my house, including apparently, my calendars.

Which is not so great considering I have about 1,538 things to do before we move in a couple of weeks. I’d been having a hard time keeping track of everything, I’m not sure why I refused to get things down on paper (read: stubbornness), but today, after encouragement from a friend, I decided I needed something I could look at or else my brain might implode and explode at the same time.

Being in the mood to procrastinate, I decided against a simple pen and notepad and wanted to create something slightly more organized and pretty.

So, in order to keep my life on track, I decided to create a simple Week in Review style of printable planner. It’s a great snapshot for me to keep track of the important things coming up, but also, I won’t mind just tossing it away when I’m done with it.

If you think this Weekly Planner would be useful to you, go ahead and print one out! If you have some additional feedback you’d like to give, please do. I’m always looking to better my printables!!

Click the image below to download the PDF or click this link to download the PDF.


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