Laundry Thoughts

Let’s start with a fact. I am better at folding laundry than my children.

In fact, I’m better at folding laundry than anyone in my household, and my husband will happily attest to that. I actually enjoy folding laundry under the right circumstances, I think it’s from my days working retail in college. There’s something therapeutic about seeing neat piles of clothes sorted by type and person.

Now, let’s go to a confession.

Some days, when my 4 year old asks to help me fold laundry, I honestly can’t be bothered. I give him an excuse, shrug him off, and say “it’s ok honey, you’re so busy, I can do it myself.”

Why? I’m sure you can figure out why. It’s because when he folds the laundry, I have to re-fold it. When he folds our dinner napkins, he does his very best with his little hands, but they don’t come out in those perfect little rectangles that I prefer. So instead, I send him to bed with a kiss and say, “Next time, sweetie.”

OK so first a fact, and then a confession, now, let’s examine a goal.

My goal is that my boys will become young men who, yes, can fold their own laundry. But where does that start?

I’m sure it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment where it clicks for them, but I know that if I want my children to develop good habits, I should get started ASAP.

But why? I think we all recognize that it really doesn’t have anything to do with folding laundry. It has to do with helping our children grow up to be responsible, proactive, disciplined people. Because that is what will be best for them in the long run.

Now. Take a moment and switch the perspective using the same lens. Doesn’t this apply to how God is with us?

We often think God needs us to help him. He needs us to reach the lost. He needs us to influence the world for His glory. After all, if we don’t do x, y and z, how will His Will be done on earth?

But does He really need us? Does the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, whose power, and richness, and knowledge far exceed anything we can experience or imagine, really need us to do things for him?

In a dumbed down analogy, God needs us to do things for him about as much as I need my 4 year old to fold dinner napkins.

But the truth is, God wants us. Because of His unending love for us, He wants us to partner with Him in all His plans.

God’s Will, his perfect plan for all creation, will unfold on the earth and in the heavens whether we choose to be a part of it or not.

My laundry will get folded (in time) whether my kids help me or not.

But you see, God wants us to be a part of his Will – he wants us to listen & obey Him – not because He needs us to help him accomplish it. Rather, He knows our obedience will help us grow closer to Him in relationship, and will also develop those strength of character that He wants us to have for a full & fruitful life.

Isn’t it amazing to think that our part in God’s glory doesn’t exist out of duty or obligation but is rooted completely in love and for our own benefit? What a glorious thing!

And the next time my 4 year old asks me to help with laundry, I can’t wait to tell him all this as he folds dinner napkins into odd shapes.

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