Wilderness Redefined

Growing up in church, I heard about “wilderness experiences” and I always thought of them as terrible, challenging hardships that people suffered through. Times when God was silent and people had to have faith on their own strength. I was so wrong.

My church has been teaching The Story of Hope in 2012. 50 major Bible stories and how they all point to Christ. We spent the first 8 months of the year going through the old testament and re-learning (and learning deeper than I ever have) about the Israelites and their incredible history, including their wilderness years.

A few months ago, a wonderful lady at church told me that THIS is my wilderness experience. Everything stopped as my brain saw it in a whole new light.

My wildnerness experience isn’t about God’s silence or distance. God is always with us. What happened to the Israelites in their wilderness? God provided. Daily. They were to take exactly what they needed to survive for one day. If they took more, it went bad before they could eat it. God was teaching them complete reliance on His mercy and love and compassion and care. He was teaching them how much He cares for His children and how ABLE He is to provide everything we need.

Now MY wilderness looks different. I am learning to walk with God daily. To begin each morning asking for what we need to live for Him today. Truly depending on Him to meet our needs. He provided manna in the wilderness for the Israelites and He does the same for us. I have watched Him provide again and again. I KNOW He is trustworthy. I KNOW He loves us. I KNOW I can rest in His mercy and grace.

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