What Kind of Day Has it Been

So, what kind of day did you have. Was it fabulous? Did every single thing go your way? Did you take on Goliath and win with one stone? Did Prince Charming meet you with a hot cup of coffee (or as I would like, cold Diet Pepsi) first thing this morning?


Was your day more like mine? Did you feel like you were running on a treadmill and you couldn’t get off? Getting hammered from every side, while trying to finish the obstacle course with some dignity intact? Did you run a marathon of appointments, no-shows, hurt, sickness, crying kids, messy house and exhausted mom?

I have some good news. Even if it WAS the day that tested your limits, beat you up and left you crawling across the finish line, guess what. It’s over. You made it! Put your feet up and have some chocolate. You did it! We all have days that take every ounce of our strength. Days that are emotionally, physically, mentally exhausting. Give yourself a break. Read a book, zone out in front of the tv, go to bed early. You deserve it.

Many moms have the tendency to burn the candle at both ends. I think single moms are especially prone to this as there is no one to pick up the slack.

But tonight, I am giving you permission. Leave the dirty dishes. The laundry can wait. Relax. Tomorrow is another day. A brighter day, perhaps. A day that holds all the promise of a fresh start. A day we get to try again. And fight again for the best life for our little ones.

So if today didn’t go as planned. Don’t worry. You have another chance.

Now. Get some sleep!

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