Until She’s Out of Sight

My daughter and I aren’t apart very much. We’re kind of stuck like glue. I drive her to school and walk her into the building. At the beginning of the year, I walked her all the way to her locker and then to her classroom. As the year has gone on, she has stopped needing me to go all the way with her. Now she just looks at me and says, “I’ve got it from here.” At that point, I remind her I love her and then watch her for a few seconds and one final wave, then I leave.

Until this morning. I got a new book from Angela Thomas. If you have been reading this blog a while, you know that she is one of my favorite mom cheerleaders. So when she ran a special on her book 52 Things Kids Need a Mom, I treated myself. It came yesterday and I am devouring it! This morning I read about watching until they are out of sight and the comfort it gave her as a kid, knowing that her dad was always watching until she couldn’t see him anymore. Now, if my daughter was boarding a bus for camp or getting on a plane, I would certainly watch until she was gone. But I wondered what would happen if I did that when I dropped her off at school. I imagined I would be left standing there staring at her back for a while.

WRONG. Today, I stood and watched her walk all the way across the lobby to the far hallway and turn the corner. I waved, smiled or blew her a kiss each time. She would take a few more steps and look back again. I wish I had counted how many times she turned to see if I was still there. My big girl, who doesn’t need me to walk her all the way to class anymore, sure wanted to see if I was still there. Watching, waiting, loving her.

Guess I know what I am doing tomorrow morning!

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