Traditions Old & New, Part 1

One of the hard things after my divorce was losing our traditions. The one thing that had remained even through the last years of our marriage was making sugar cookies together at Christmastime. These weren’t just any sugar cookies. Our recipe is from my ex-husband’s great-grandmother. The kind of recipe that was “a little of this, a little of that” and we spent many hours figuring out how to duplicate it.

Then we made it every year. And the first year after our marriage ended, I just couldn’t bring myself to make them. It was too sad. Then I was so sad that the tradition was lost. Sometimes it’s just confusing to feel it all at once!

So the next year, I decided my daughter and I would make the cookies. I want her to have these family traditions that came down through the generations. I want to tell her the stories of her dad and his cousins studying the recipe and us working hard together to figure it out. That’s part of her heritage and is so important in giving her strong roots.

It’s ok to leave some traditions behind. It’s also important to keep some to give the kiddos as much security as we can. This will be our fourth Christmas on our own and the first one in our Immeasurably More. I can hardly wait to get out our decorations. This place is going to be a Christmas wonderland! I’m talking lights, garland, nativities and probably lots of handmade things with glitter glue. 🙂

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