Together in Prayer

Last Sunday at church, we had an impromptu prayer meeting. A wonderful lady in our group has cancer and is undergoing a stem cell transplant in 2 weeks. She was struggling that day, afraid and discouraged. So our wonderful teacher decided to have a ladies prayer meeting during our normal Bible study time.

And there is just something about joining together in prayer. Gathering around someone we love who desperately needs to feel God’s presence. Each lady praying for her fears or financial provision for the procedure or for strength and peace for her husband. Listening to her worries and then taking them to the Father. The one who can actually do something about them.

Our leader said we “stormed heaven’s doors in prayer”. And that’s exactly what it felt like. We joined together and went boldly before the throne of our God. We asked for His will to be done. We asked that our friend surviving and being healed could be part of His plan. We asked that the doctors and all who come in contact with her during this ordeal will see God in her. She just radiates His Love. We asked for strength that she will be able to continuing doing so.

I know God meets with us when we pray by ourselves. I know in His word He tells us to go away by ourselves and pray, not for the attention of anyone. He also tells us that where 2 or more are gathered, He is there. He was there on Sunday. He was listening. Now we trust in His sovereignty and love.


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