The End of the Storm

I have been living in fear. Fear of the storm. The waves have been tossing my boat around and sometimes I am very sea-sick. Other times, I am just watching the waves building up, about to crash down on me. And dreading them.

But I know the One who controls the sea. I know the One who controls the waves. They can only do to me what He allows them to do to me. And He has an eternal purpose.

I can’t see it. I sit here in my boat, looking at the waves immediately around me. That’s all I can see. I can’t tell what waves are coming or how those waves are going to affect me. I can’t see what amazing lessons I am going to learn or how I will be changed into His likeness through it all.

As my recent storm subsides, I know there will always be storm clouds on the horizons. And sometimes directly overhead. But my God will also always be with me. Telling me to get out of the boat. Did you notice how He didn’t wait for the waves to calm before calling Peter out of the boat in Matthew 14? He calls us to trust Him in the storm. Through the storm. After the storm. Always.

I may be slow, but I am learning. He has called me to act. To stop holding so tight to the sides of the boat that could sink anyway, and instead to hold tight to Him. The only one who won’t sink.

So I got out of the boat. During the storm. I took my first step out of the boat towards the service He wants me to do. And as I keep moving forward, one step at a time, it’s so good to know who I am holding on to.

And it’s good to see the storm subside for now.

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