Table for Two

I honestly can’t remember the last time my ex-husband and I ate dinner together at home at our table. So my daughter and I didn’t either; we sat in the living room. Partly because it was easy and partly because I really didn’t want us to sit at the table while he sat in the other room. It just didn’t feel good.

Unfortunately that habit stuck with us for a very long time. At my mom’s house we sat at the table some of the time, but once we got in our own place, we didn’t. I think it was partly that issue I had with our family feeling incomplete. No dad, no siblings. I always thought I would have a bunch of kids. After two miscarriages and a divorce, the table can feel pretty empty.

But I think we were missing out on a great time of togetherness. So, we started sitting at the table.

One of our beautiful vintage tablecloths.

I have a few pretty vintage tablecloths and even started lighting a candle sometimes. Celebrating that we are a family, even with only two. That doesn’t make our love and commitment to each other any less. It just means we have room for our family to grow, if that’s what God decides.

It’s taking my young one a bit of time to get used to having to sit at the table every night. But we are talking more and playing more while we do it. I want this to become something we do as many nights as possible for as long as we are under the same roof. A few minutes every day where we are together just focused on each other.

A reminder that we are a family. We are a team. A constant in a world of uncertainty. Maybe it’s just dinner. But I think it’s a great place to start.

Our current centerpiece. A great find from a thrift store a couple of weeks ago.

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