Steps of Faith


I have no question that God called me to adopt. His fingerprints are all over this. And in the end, a little girl will have a forever family. But God is doing more than just that one great work. He is growing my faith. He is growing me. And He is growing my daughter, too. He is showing her the world beyond our home and how much He desires for us to make a difference in it for Him. I look back over the last few years and am amazed at how much He has changed me. And I get excited at how much I’ve grown in my faith and trust and relationship with God. Then I see Him working to build my faith again and imagine how much farther I must have to go.

I am finding that every day is a step of faith. One more paper to fill out, one more item checked off. My home study is done, I have submitted to Immigration and will be getting fingerprinted soon. I keep moving forward with the paperwork, trusting God to provide. Adoption costs so much. That is one of the main things that prevents people from adopting who have a heart for it. And I can see why. It’s daunting to look at the numbers. International adoptions cost around $30,000.

But then I read stories from families who have already adopted. Some of them, multiple times. And I read again and again how God has provided. How the very day the money was needed to keep moving forward, it showed up. God has a heart for adoption. He adopted us into His family and promises to put the lonely into families. He commands us to care for orphans.

So, I keep filling out one more form, collecting one more piece of information. And every morning, I tell God that I will keep walking forward, and that I am counting on Him to provide to bring her home. I choose to trust. And I cannot wait to see how He will provide.

I can’t wait until my blog is one that adoptive parents look to for encouragement on the adoption journey. Until we can be one more family proving that God provides when we follow Him. And He gets all the glory.

If you feel led to help us on this journey, please visit the adoption page on my blog.


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