Spring Break

We’re almost there. 3.5 hours and the kiddo will be off for a week and a half. I can remember the feeling of needing a break from school and thinking it couldn’t possibly come quickly enough. This is definitely how she is feeling. It has been a struggle to get her to school each day for the last couple of weeks. Until today.

Today is crazy hair day. And no, she wouldn’t let me take a picture. šŸ™‚ But she has 7 ponytails sticking up all over her head. She told me she probably couldn’t play outside at recess because it might ruin her hair. Who knew that 7 ponytails is all it would take to make school fun again? Maybe we should have crazy hair day every week.

Honestly, I can’t wait for spring break either. With school and work and other obligations, we just haven’t had much together time lately. Just hanging out, being us. We have all sorts of projects lined up. We are making drawer dividers for her sock drawer. Giving new life to a beat up old wardrobe I found at St. Vinny’s for $10. (it will become the wardrobe for her dress up clothes in the basement). Working on jewelry we are designing together. Making cookies. Going to the zoo.

Spring break, here we come!

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