I love spending time with people. I think we were all created to be in community, but some of us were created to just LOVE being around other people.

One of my aunts and I were recently talking and suddenly the idea of a sleepover came up. I have no idea who thought of it, but we both lit up. I can’t remember the last time I had a sleepover for fun, not because it was too far to drive home. So we jumped at the idea.

It was awesome. So very fun. We had dinner, made Christmas gift tags, talked, laughed, shared. Got some sleep so we could be up with the little one. Had a great breakfast. French toast, which I have never made before, but loved growing up. I mentioned it to my aunt and she delivered! Complete with powdered sugar on top.

Then we got to work. When my ex-husband’s grandmother died (the one who made me my quilt), my mother-in-law brought me a box of her craft things and told me to take whatever I wanted. I found these wonderful vintage ornament kits.










I love these ornaments and the sparkle they add to the tree. I remember similar ornaments from grandparents’ trees when I was growing up and always admired them.

Wow. They are a lot more work than I expected!

Separating all those pins, beads and sequins by color and shape took hours.

But the pieces were so much more manageable once they each had a compartment. I love using vitamin organizers for beads. The compartments are small enough that there isn’t a ton of wasted space and often the bottoms are curved a little, which makes retrieving tiny beads easier.

That day, we managed to finish 3. My daughter helped for about 45 minutes before losing interest entirely. She did keep checking our progress, though!

With just the ribbon and cording on.

One stack of beads at a time.



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