Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, it’s Christmas Eve. And I feel totally unprepared. We never put up our white lights tree on the porch. Or the star light garland in the front hall. Or made Christmas cookies.

I love Christmas and usually get the presents wrapped early, so we can enjoy how they look under the tree. Instead, we finished our shopping yesterday (7-year-old and I taking on the mall!) and I wrapped last night. The last 2 months of sickness make me feel like we lost 2 entire months, just getting by. And now Christmas is upon us. We managed to get a Christmas tree, which I absolutely love, but we were sick even then and tromping around in the cold rain while sick to get a Christmas tree isn’t the stuff cherished Christmas memories are made of.

Then last night at bedtime, I had this conversation with my sweet little one. “Mom, do you know the one thing I want for Christmas?” “What, Love?”


Oh, yes. I know none of the rest of it really matters. I know that we celebrate Christmas because of Christ. And I know that I have tried hard to push past all of the wants of Christmas and show her the most amazing gift of all. The only gift that really matters. And I know she gets it. That’s the best gift I could ever imagine.

Tonight, we get to go to church together and celebrate HIS coming. We get to have a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with Grammy and then she’ll sleep over, so we can be together Christmas morning. We’ll open gifts, eat waffles (our family tradition!) and head to the cousins’. The best parts of Christmas are coming. Whether we were sick for 2 months or not. We again get to celebrate our Lord coming for us. Pursuing us. Loving us with a never-ending, all-consuming, redemptive love.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas with those you love, celebrating the One who loved you first.


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