Our I Love You Day

Valentine’s Day can be wonderful. Or it can be really hard. This year, I decided to stop ignoring it, hoping to get through the day unscathed and, instead, embrace a day of celebrating that we love each other and that God loves us, just as we are.

So I am starting a new tradition. We are celebrating I Love You Day today. It was an idea in Angela Thomas’ book, My Single Mom Life. Something she did with her kids to celebrate them. Something that built them up and made them feel loved.

DSC_0001I cut out big paper hearts in 3 shades of pink. I used smaller heart punches to decorate the big hearts. And on each one, I wrote something I love about my kiddo. After I got her to school this morning, I hung the 5 big hearts in the opening between our dining and living rooms. I taped tons of small paper hearts to the front door. I used purple and white curling ribbon to make everything fancy. I am going to make heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies before she gets home.

I have a few small items in the closet, from when I have over-bought for a holiday in the past and $3 bottle of purple glitter glue for a small present. The rest I did with things we already had at home. I want to save these hearts I made and add more every year until we have a house full of them.

I can’t wait to see her eyes light up when she sees our I Love You Day.



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