My Dad

There is a section in My Single Mom Life where Angela Thomas talks about her dad.

“Ever since I can remember, I have been proud to be Joe Thomas’ daughter. It didn’t matter where I went in town; when a person found out that I was the daughter of Joe Thomas, his or her gaze always changed. That person looked at me as if I had value. I was the daughter of a very good man.”

This struck a major chord with me. My dad was a very good man. He lived his whole life with integrity. He was someone you could “put your full weight into”, as Angela says. He spent time with sons of single moms, worked on cars with them, hung out with them. If anyone needed anything and they asked my dad; he would figure out how to help them or find someone who could. I would love to be just like my dad.

He was goofy and fun. He lived with unfaltering integrity, compassion and faith. He went on mission trips to build churches and schools; the kids he met on those trips flocked to him. When he was dying, he signed up for another mission trip, on faith that he would be well enough to go. He died before that trip. And he had made such an impact on the lives around him, that another man in church went in his place.

My dad has been gone almost 13 years. It is such a high for me when I run into people who knew him. When I ask if they remember Don Smith, their faces light up. When I tell them I’m his daughter, their gaze changes.

I will always be so proud to be Don Smith’s daughter.


dad 001

This plaque was made by a friend of my parents after one of my dad’s mission trips.


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