Morning Walk

There is a recreational trail about 2 blocks (if there were blocks!) from our house. I have never been on it. Until yesterday. On day one of my 31 day challenge, I decided to stop there on my way home from dropping my daughter off at school. I reasoned that if I walked for 31 minutes, I could still be home before the work day began and any clients might need me.

So off I went. I knew nothing of this trail, except that at one time it was a railroad. I had no idea what was in for.

It was a cool, slightly overcast morning. Being early October in the midwest, the colors are changing and leaves are falling. It was truly breathtaking. I heard all sort of animals scooting around in the brush, running away at the sound of me. I heard nothing but nature for most of the walk and found that after 16 minutes, when I had planned on turning around, I just couldn’t. I walked for an hour in the cool of the morning, just loving being out in God’s fabulous creation.

I went again this morning (33 minutes this time) and plan to go as often as the weather and work allow. Such a great way to start out the day and the change in perspective was just what I needed.

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