Gratituesday – Moments of Joy

This morning, my little one climbed in bed with me as the alarm went off. I ignored the alarm, at least for a few minutes and just enjoyed having her snuggled up to me. We started talking about random things and went off on a very silly tangent. Just because I love to hear her laugh. There are enough mundane or even hard moments in life. When we find ourselves in a moment of joy, I just want time to stop for a while so we can fully live in it. That’s what we did.

We won’t always remember what silly thing we were talking about or what we ended up having for breakfast today. But we will hold that moment of togetherness in our hearts. Just one more building block of this lovely life we get to live together.


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2 thoughts on “Gratituesday – Moments of Joy

  1. Thanks for visiting my gratituesday post this morning and leaving such a sweet note. 🙂 I spent several years as a single mom, so I can relate to the specialness, the moments of joy, and the spending of holidays such as Valentine’s Day together loving on each other. You’re doing a good job! Blessings, ~Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley 🙂

    PS: I’m hosting a giveaway for coloring pages this week and next — there’s a cute Cinderella/princess coloring page in my friend’s shop if you’re interested in entering. ~L

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