I stand corrected

On the way home from church today, I asked my daughter what she learned. She told me about a video she watched with the story of the blind man. Here is a close paraphrase of what she said.

There was a blind man. Jesus made some mud. He put it on the man’s eyes and told the man to go wash in the river. I don’t remember which river. He washed. The man blinked his eyes and he could see.

I responded with, “That’s amazing”. She quickly said, “That’s not amazing. God’s amazing.”

Yup. I stand corrected. God’s amazing.

For the last hour, this conversation has been replaying in my head. How often do I applaud the action and not the one doing the action. I think of the people in Jesus’ day who wanted to see more and more miracles. “Just one more, so I can really believe.” I think of myself, watching God provide over and over again. I watch Him care for us constantly. I get glimpses of His glory. I get to see how He answers prayers and works things together for our good. So why do I fall back into worry?

I don’t need to see more miracles, I need to see more Jesus.

I need to look at the world through His eyes. He has such a different perspective and purpose than we start out with. If only we can catch His perspective and pursue the same purpose He does. For me, it starts with acknowledging who He is. Acknowledging His sovereignty over every second of every day. Knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is working all things for His glory and my good. At all times. The days when I can hardly contain the joy and want to shout from the rooftops and the days of darkness and storms. All times.

He is Lord. Lord of all.

God’s amazing.

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