I Can’t Sit Still

I can’t sit still.

I am watching God provide and work in our lives and I can hardly stand the blessing of it.

There are the physical blessings of provision. Like the gift cards that appeared stuck in my door on Friday. And the Christmas gift from church to the single moms. And the extra work of babysitting. I get to watch God walk with us daily, and that, in itself, is an amazing gift.

But there’s something more happening here. God is moving in our lives. I don’t know exactly where He is taking us, but He is moving. Big time. And I am ready. I am ready to follow wherever He leads and do what He wants me to do.

As I sat in church yesterday, studying Pentecost and the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples, it was all I could do to stay in my seat. The disciples were being prepared for their incredible work for God and when He had prepared them, He sent them out. We didn’t get the unfathomable experience of the rushing wind and tongues of fire, but the same Spirit resides in all believers today. And it should be turning this world upside down.

I am fairly bouncing with anticipation. Actually my knees ARE bouncing. Even as I sit here, anticipating what God will do.

I can’t sit still.

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