Hold on, Baby

Has God ever broken your heart for someone you’ve never met?

Have you ever felt an ache that wouldn’t go away, that reminded you day after day of a matching ache thousands of miles away?

I have.

There’s a little girl sitting in Africa. She’s in an orphanage. Today, she won’t get enough food. Or clean water. Or medicine. Or love. Or attention.

Not that the nannies in the orphanage don’t try. I am sure there are some wonderful women doing everything they can to care for the multitude of kids they are responsible for. But there are so many children, and only so many caring hands. Only so much food to go around. And it’s never enough.

They must be strong women. I can’t imagine day after day, knowing I don’t have enough to give these precious little ones. Knowing there is so much more for them, if only. If only there was more food. If only there were more helpers. If only a mom would show up to love them and give them a home and family of their own.

That little girl sitting in the orphanage. She’s waiting for me. She’s waiting for me to come for her. And she doesn’t know that I am sitting here loving her already, waiting to hold her in my arms and feed her and get her to the doctor and introduce her to the sister that cannot WAIT for her to come home.

Waiting for me to come for her. She doesn’t know it yet. But I do.

And I pray for her. Every day. Many times a day. I pray that the orphanage will have enough food today. That she will get all the attention she needs. That she will somehow know, deep in her heart that I am coming. I want her to have that hope.

Hold on, baby. I’m coming for you.

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