Gratituesday – Hidden in My Heart

My current Bible study is Mercy Triumphs, by Beth Moore, on the book of James. The entire book of James is packed with how we should think, act, and LIVE as Christians. When we started the study, Beth Moore gave us several options for how much we could do. Attend only, do homework, handwrite the book of James, and memorize the entire book. I sort of laughed at the last one, thinking how could I possibly do that. A few days later, it was still in my head and I started thinking about how I used to memorize all my lines for plays or auditions. Sometimes entire monologues. Never 20 minutes worth, but still. Why did I think it would be so impossible. And why not even try?

So I started. I have only memorized about 7 verses so far. I have a long way to go. But even just reading the verses over and over is having an impact. Even if I don’t remember the exact words or what verse number they are from. Their message is still getting written on my heart.

And with just those few verses and one other that I have memorized this last few months, I can feel the difference. I am not rocked as easily. When I am confronted with fear, I have a Bible verse to hold up like a shield. What did Jesus do when he was being tempted in the desert? He quoted scripture. If He is the model we are trying to be more like, we should be quoting scripture, too. I am certainly not saying I have figured it out. Last week there were rough days and I didn’t remember to reach for a verse. But I have a glimpse of what it could be like. The moment the fear starts creeping in, I need to recognize it for what it is and speak God’s truth. And the more I know of God’s truth, the more weapons I will have at my fingertips.

I am so grateful for the challenge Beth Moore put out there and even more so, for the words that are being hidden in my heart.



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  1. I did Beth Moores Mercy Triumphs study and it’s fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself for memorizing scripture!! I didn’t attempt to do any memorizing with this study..just too busy right now..BUT if ever a book I would want to memorize it woulld be James..the word transforms us doesn’t it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and blessings to you!!

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