Gratituesday – One Small Step

God has placed something big in my heart. And He won’t let it go. It seems insurmountable to me and on my own, I am sure it is. But I am not on my own. If God asks us to do something, He makes it possible. Sometimes I think He is just waiting for us to say yes, and once we do, look out! He puts the wheels in motion and overcomes every obstacle.

I think again about the loaves and the fish that fed the 5000. He didn’t NEED His disciples to help. He could have just done it on His own. Food could have appeared in front of every person there. But it was important to have His disciples involved. Just like it’s important to have us be a part of His plan today.

So I take one small step. And then another. I tell Him I will follow, again. I am so glad He doesn’t walk away each time I start to wonder. Each time I take back the HUGE task of making things happen. It’s just my job to obey. To say yes, and follow through.

I am so glad He knows me and loves me and understands that each step is an act of faith and following.


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