Gratituesday – The Little Things

I’m thinking back over this 3 day weekend we just had. We didn’t do anything spectacular. Nothing truly out of the ordinary. But it was filled with such sweet moments.

Moments of creation. I have been making lots of necklaces for my etsy store. Each time I watch a new design come to life, it gives me joy. I want to wear all of these necklaces. (as does my little one!)

Moments of laughter. Sitting at the table after lunch with the family, laughing with my sister and mom. I love those moments. And I love that we live close enough to have them often.

Moments of working together. My daughter is really taking an interest in the jewelry I am making to sell on etsy. She wants to help me design, play with colors and yesterday, she even helped with the photo shoot. I have loved every age so far, but it’s really amazing to see her grow up and start helping with bigger things.

Moments of remembrance. We went together to the cemetery to lay flowers on my grandparents’ graves. My grandfather served in WWII and I want my daughter to understand the sacrifice of those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Moments of love. Watching a movie. Snuggling before bed. Random hugs throughout the day. Stolen kisses that she wipes off immediately. Making pancakes for her in the morning.

So many little moments to treasure up.


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