Gratituesday – SNOW!

Yes, I am a kid at heart. For years, it has bothered me that we just didn’t get much snow. Not that I like digging my car out, mind you. That is obviously not the fun part of winter. But snow is beautiful and makes the world look so fresh and full of promise!

I loved seeing the little snows (2 inches or so) and how they covered the world in white. But the second half of this winter we have been blesssed with SNOW! Big snows, like 4-6 inches, many times. It just keeps coming! And let me tell you, the sledding in the empty lot across the street is phenomenal. The lot is shaped like a trough, so we sled down one side and almost all the way up the other side, then backwards to the bottom. It’s awesome. The hill is big enough to be fun, but small enough to climb up over and over and over.

AND! There are kids on our street. So my little one and I get all dressed up in our snowsuits and walk around the neighborhood looking for kids who want to sled with us. There’s nothing like watching 2 or 3 kids jumping around getting covered in snow to make me smile.

Then, of course, there’s the hot chocolate afterwards.

Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.


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