Gratituesday – Single Mom Joy

Seriously. I get to be this kid’s mom? How amazing is that? I’m not saying we don’t have hard days. Like any 6 year old, she is growing and changing and sometimes struggling with all the things little girls struggle with. Which friend wouldn’t play with her. Having to do math every day. Not getting a treat. Sometimes life is hard when you’re 6.

But the moments of Joy are much more abundant. The moments she comes running up for another hug. Climbs onto my lap while I am working. Asks me to tickle her, then giggles uncontrollably. Asks me to surprise her, then waits for it to happen. Sometimes, life is just fun.

Her current project is painting her car for the Awana race in a few weeks. She chose about 25 colors and has used 5 of them so far. There will be no doubt whose car this is! She loves color and beauty and brightness. And those are just some of the things she bring into my world. All the color, beauty and light I can stand. And all the love. She may run away when I try to kiss her, but she also calls out my name just to tell me she loves me.

I love seeing all the ways we are the same and all the ways we are different. Learning what makes her tick and celebrating the gifts God has given her. It is such a joy to be her mom.

God sure knew what He was doing when He put us together.


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