Gratituesday – My Church Family

I have told you that we are in the middle of a storm. And it’s a loooooong storm. Sometimes I get tired of asking for prayer and I am pretty sure that everyone is tired of hearing me ask. When the storm goes on and on, it can make one very weary. So on Sunday, I didn’t ask for prayer in my small group. I wrote it on the prayer list, but didn’t speak up during group. At the end of prayer request time, the leader raised his hand, looked at me and said, “Don’t you have something coming up on Tuesday?” So I asked for prayer.

God knew I needed to be helped out that morning. I need the reminder that even when our storms seem like they may last forever, He hasn’t forgotten us and neither has His family. As the person leading the prayer time prayed for us, a murmur of agreement went up from the group. Hearing all of those voices agreeing in prayer for us renews my strength.

As I walked through the church that morning, many people approached me and said they would be praying for us. Some just squeezed my arm as I went by. I can’t even describe how it changes my perspective to know that when I am exhausted and tired of my own voice, they will carry me to the Lord. That’s what He designed the body of Christ to do. That’s how He wanted the church to treat each other. That’s how the world will know that we are His.

And I am immensely grateful that God led me to a church that lives it out.



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