Gratituesday – Jan. 8, 2013

I have been organizing our basement. Purging is actually a more accurate description. I have sorted through LOTS of bins and boxes and gotten rid of a lot of stuff. 7 empty totes and 2 empty boxes later, I have found some real treasures.

My favorites are the handwritten notes. I saved so many cards and letters over the years. I finally threw away quite a few, mostly cards with just a signature or wedding/anniversary cards. I also spent a good amount of time sitting and reading letters. I am not a person who can glance at a letter very well. I really want to stop and read it right then and there. I pushed through as many as I could, keeping almost every scrap of paper with my grandma’s or dad’s handwriting, and discarding many others.

Old love letters made me cry. Signs handmade with 8 different colors of sharpies from my college roommate made me laugh. I found a letter from a high school friend I have recently reconnected with and others from people I have lost touch with over the years.

But some of my favorites were from my sister. My 16th birthday letter. My 21st birthday card. The note from the day before my wedding. In one of them, she reminded me that no matter how old I got, she would always be my big sister and would always want to protect me. She was right. 25 years after that letter, she still does. And I am so grateful for her.


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2 thoughts on “Gratituesday – Jan. 8, 2013

  1. awwww so sweet! I am the same way; I have to read every single letter or note right then and there. We are planning on revamping our storage in our basement and now I am excited to see our “lost” treasures 🙂

    • Finding the treasures is wonderful! I found things of my dads that I had forgotten I had. Some of these treasures just instantly fill me with joy. I hope you find the same to be true!

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