Gratituesday – He Lives

It’s Tuesday. And my Savior is still Risen. It’s 2000 years later. And my Savior still lives.

I am not yet over the Sunday morning celebration of my risen Lord. Let’s face it. If He never rose, it’s all for naught. All of our believing and trusting and hoping in Him. Either he conquered death and paid the price for our sins or He didn’t. Wasn’t able to. And if that were the case? Then no one could. We are not capable of paying the price for our sins and living to tell the tale.

But He was.

After He rose again, He appeared to many people. He appeared to Mary, in the garden. He appeared to two men, on the road. He appeared to Peter. He appeared to the disciples twice, in the upper room. He appeared to more than 500 others.

He Lives.

There is so much I want to know. I have my first study Bible and I love all of the amazing things in it. Telling me where else in scripture a particular event is recorded. Drawings of what the temple looked like. Timelines and graphs. So very much information that I can’t wait to learn.

But all I really NEED to know is that He Lives. He came. He died for my sins. He rose again. If that was all the information I had, it would be enough.

He Lives.


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