Gratituesday – Encouragement

As I take a few moments to think over the past week, I am incredibly grateful for the encouragement I have been receiving in so many areas from so many sources.

1. I have a somewhat crazy idea in my head. I firmly believe it is from God and that His plans often look crazy to the world. I am so grateful to my sister for coming alongside me in this plan and NOT thinking I’m crazy! She encouraged me to take one tiny step and I have already seen it blossom from there. Can’t wait to see what God does next!

2. I co-lead a single mom’s ministry at our church to encourage and help single moms in any way we can. Our church has really stepped up and met needs all year. Last week, we received an email from a mom who is new to our group saying that in her 7 1/2 years of single momhood, she has never had anyone reach out to her and offer help. She was in tears because we offered free childcare for a few hours. I remember the first letter I got from church saying this ministry was beginning. I, too, sat on the floor in tears. Amazed that God was reaching out to me through this church.

3. I got home on Friday and found 2 gift cards stuck in my door. One for Target (our second home) and one for a local grocery store.

4. I got to witness my daughter’s compassionate and generous heart as she emptied her 3 piggy banks to buy water filters for kids who don’t have clean drinking water. I thought my heart was going to burst with joy.

5. PEACE. Peace that passes all understanding. We are in the middle of a storm in life. And I have never felt such peace in the face of something so hard. God is amazing.



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