Gratituesday – Daffodils


I love daffodils. Seriously. Yellow daffodils are like sunshine to me.

We didn’t live here last spring, so I didn’t know what flowers would be around. The landlords take care of all of the gardening, so we just get whatever there is. And they have some beautiful plants and flowers around.

But yesterday morning after dropping the kiddo off at school, I got home and noticed a whole line of daffodils filling up a flower bed along our driveway. I am not a gardener. So seeing the plants before the blooms didn’t tell me what was coming! But along our drive, in all their sunshiney yellow are these glorious daffodils. There were 5-7 blooms in the morning. By the time we went out after dinner we had tons of blooms. I had no idea it could happen that fast.

We have had some hard days in these past few weeks. And the daffodils bring such joy. What a contrast. What a demonstration of God’s love for us that my favorite flowers would bloom up all over our haven.


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