Gratituesday – Creativity

I look at the amazingly creative world that God made and know that He made us in His image. He made us capable of amazing things as well.

I love creating things. I love the feeling when a new idea is forming and I begin to see the project in my head. I love finding old things and making something new out of them. And I tend to have many projects going at one time. Right now, I am making necklaces out of vintage rhinestone earrings, learning to stamp metal to make jewelry, creating Bible verse art for my home, waiting for it to be warm enough out to paint a wardrobe for my daughter’s dress up clothes and hoping to make fun chalkboards. Some of these will go on etsy for sale and some are just for us. It’s the creating that I crave.

For the first 15 years of my adult working life, I was stuck behind a desk all day. Drove me crazy. Then God provided for me to have my own business. I still do plenty of design work, which involves sitting at a desk. But it’s my desk, in my home. I can have a show on the tv in the background to keep me entertained. I can take breaks to write, work on something fun or surprise my daughter at lunch. My projects happen bit by bit as I move from one thing to the next. It keeps my creative brain going to be able to do that.

DSC_0002_lowresThis is one of the necklaces I made. I can’t wait to get them all photographed and in my etsy store. Yes, I hope that someone loves the necklaces and enjoys wearing them. But the creating is what keeps me going.


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