Gratituesday – Baby Steps

I am feeling rather stuck. Not much work going on, not much progress being made. It is taking all of my energy to do what I am doing. But sometimes it feels like I am getting nowhere.

There are some big heavy things going on in our life. And I am trudging through. Some days the steps are tiny. I don’t seem to get anywhere, but I take another step anyway. I need to remember that I am carrying it all. And that in the hardest days, taking baby steps is probably something worth celebrating. I won’t give up, even when I feel like it. I’ll keep taking these small steps in this knee-deep muck and eventually, my foot will reach solid ground. And the walking will get easier.

And my Savior will be with me the whole way. In the muck, on dry ground, on solid rock. He promised to keep my feet from slipping; He didn’t promise they would stay clean.


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