God-Sized Dreams

Diane Studer was on a short term mission trip in Africa, when she first felt called to send shoes there. She thought it would be her and her friends sending a few pairs of shoes from the back of their closets. And maybe shoes the kids had outgrown. 3 years later, Soles for Jesus has sent 82,211 shoes to Africa. The recipients are saved from disease and injury by having shoes and many children are able to go to school now that they have shoes.

Katie Davis was teaching kindergarten at an orphanage in Uganda for a summer when she was 19. God laid on her heart to start a sponsorship program to feed and educate orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. 5 years later, 600 children are sponsored in that program, she gives food and medical care to the desperate people of Masese, Masese women are learning to make necklaces and support their families, AND she has adopted 13 daughters.


Sounds a lot like the loaves and fish to me. We bring what we have. No matter how small or insignificant we may think it is. Then God gets to work. And these small insignificant gifts we share change into something completely different. They become God-sized dreams.

Some people have God-sized dreams to begin with. Excellent. Go for it. Pray and work and watch God move.

Some of us have human-sized dreams. I don’t even mean child-sized dreams, which can be pretty big. I mean, life-is-hard-and-has-knocked-us-around-sized dreams.

And guess what. Those count, too. Don’t give up. Keep dreaming. However small your dream is now, God can take it and flip it on its head.

On the radio this morning, I heard someone talking about God-sized dreams. About praying big. Telling God, THIS is the dream you have placed on my heart and if it’s your will, please make it happen. Do what only YOU can do. Take this thought that I hardly dare to believe. That I don’t want to say out loud because maybe the moment will be gone and I’ll laugh at myself for having dreamed it at all. Take THIS dream. And make it yours, God. Make my tiny human dream and make it a God-sized dream. Please knock my socks off with the wonder of it all.

Let’s dream big. And pray big. Let’s go change the world for Christ.

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