Giving Myself Grace

The first 3 days of the month went pretty well. I was amazed at all I accomplished on the first two days. Then yesterday, I got work in (yay!), had an unhappy child after school and had Bible study at night. Suddenly my goals were looming over me and I was working to finish them at 10:45 at night, while barely keeping my eyes open. Hmmm.

Once I commit to something, I am pretty fierce about completing it. I committed to this challenge and want to fight my way through it. But I also need to give myself grace. I need to acknowledge that as a single mom (or just as a mom!) things aren’t always going to go as planned. The small one may have a rough night or a terrible after school time. While I WANT to meet all of the goals I have set, I need to make sure that grace and love win out.

If my small one needs tons of extra love and I don’t have anything left in me after giving it, it’s ok to go to bed and try again the next day. If I get a bunch of work in, GREAT! I can do the paid work and put etsy and the blog on the back burner for a day. The key will be not putting them on the back burner indefinitely.

So for now, I will be my committed self and work as hard as I can at meeting these daily goals I have set out for myself. But I will try to remember that God’s grace covers all, even an exhausted momma.

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