Full House

Our house is the perfect size for my daughter and I. Our table for four fits nicely with room to spare and usually has 2 or 3 chairs at it.

But last night, we moved our craft table from the basement and placed it on the end of our regular table, so it was half in the dining area and half in the living room. We brought chairs from all over the house and borrowed 3 folding chairs. We had 9 places at our table. And we filled them.

The whole family came over to celebrate my mom’s birthday. As I sat at dinner, there was so much noise. Our house is usually pretty quiet. Not last night! My daughter was humming/singing/chatting the whole time. Her littlest cousin was talking away with her or calling out to one of the adults. The older kids and grownups were having all sorts of conversations – planning vacation, catching up, telling stories from the past. Teasing. Laughing uncontrollably.

It was beautiful. I love a full house. I love the activity and the noise and the laughter. I love having my kitchen full of food for those I love. I love my oldest nephew walking in the door with extra chairs and my brother-in-law killing the ant (instead of me!). I love everyone gathered around the table holding hands to pray. I love hearing my littlest nephew ask if he can “have excused”, so he can go play. I love hearing my nieces talk about camp and an upcoming mission trip.

I love these people.

And I don’t think I have ever loved my house more than I did for those 3 hours.

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