Filling the Cupboard

I have just realized something new about myself. I can judge how worried I am about my finances by glancing in my cupboard. If I haven’t had much work lately and am getting nervous, I start stocking up on food.

Recently, Annie’s mac n cheese was on sale for $1 at Target. I ended up buying 17 boxes over 3 visits. I think we have enough to last a while now!

But I remember times when my daughter was 2-3 years old and I didn’t know how I was going to keep food on the table. I had nightmares that I went to Target and there was no Annie’s mac n cheese on the shelf; I couldn’t get it. That Christmas, my cousin remembered my dreams and bought me a box of Annie’s and a gift card to Target. I will never forget that.

We always ate. God always provided. Sometimes it was through simple acts of kindness by so many different people who cared about us.

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