Filled to Overflowing

As a single mom, it’s easy to look around and feel different, incomplete. Dads show up for field trips, concerts, soccer games and church with their families. I realize that we don’t know their story. They may be incredibly happy. They may struggle every day. They may be second marriages and blended families. But we single moms often  relegate ourselves to second class because our home has only one parent. And we certainly can carry an awful lot of guilt for being unable to give our kids the one thing we may think they need most. A dad. A living with us, loving, involved dad.

And our kids can sense it. I would certainly never say anything like that in front of my daughter. But I am certain she can feel my sadness and notice me not standing quite as tall.

And that stops now.

I know this isn’t what I had planned. Of course I wanted a happy, loving family that would stay together forever. And sometimes, I am still going to mourn the loss of that dream and wonder if God will somehow make a bigger family out of us in the future.

But for now, maybe what my daughter needs most is a mom who picks herself up and builds a wonderful, crazy good life for us. A life where we dance in the rain and make silly faces and just love each other. What kind of lesson would I teach her if, when she is older, she can look back and say, wow. That must have been hard for my mom. But look at how she trusted Jesus and look at how much she loved me.

Let’s let God’s amazing grace and love fill us to overflowing, so it pours out over these precious kids.

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