Faithful Provision

“Indeed, God knows every detail of our lives, and when we step out in faith to follow Him, He will show us that our greatest security is not found in the comforts we can manufacture in this world but in the faithful provision of the only one who knows our needs and the only one who is able to meet our needs in every way.”   David Platt, Radical

So what if we trust. What if we as Christians, step out in faith and trust in God’s provision. What if we do what He is calling us to do, knowing that the one who is calling us is the one who will provide. In my humanity, I want to do it on my own. To somehow show God that I love Him by following Him, but not asking Him to help. I want to show Him how capable I am.

And as I admit that in writing, it’s actually laughable. That I want to prove something to God? Seriously? He’s God. The Great I Am. He knows every bit of me. He knows how He created me. He knows my weaknesses and the gifts He has chosen to place in me. There is nothing I can prove to Him and nothing I need to prove to Him.

I just need to trust Him. I need to be willing to follow. I need to do my part and work towards what He wants me to do. But He will have to do the rest. He controls the planets and guides the stars and tells the seas where to stop. My daily needs? Yeah, I’m pretty sure He’s got that covered.

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