Engraved on His Hands


See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands… Isaiah 49:16

Stephanie. That’s my name. MY name. Engraved on the palms of His hands. Never forgotten. Always in front of Him.

I’ve been hearing this verse a lot lately. God tends to do that to me. A verse will suddenly start coming to me from every direction, over and over. So I decided to experiment. I wrote my name on my hand. And all day, I kept seeing it. A mark of blue where normally there isn’t anything of note. Just lines and wrinkles and flesh. But that day, my name was ever before me. Constantly brought to mind.

Imagine your name engraved on the Lord’s hand. Not written in blue ink, fading each time it’s washed. Engraved. Permanently. The Lord looks at His hands and see your name. And mine. We are constantly before Him. Always on His mind. His treasures. I wouldn’t write many things on my hand. It actually felt a little weird to have my name there. Uncomfortable. I would easily put my darling daughter’s name there. Or my Savior’s name. I think that’s what I’ll try tomorrow. Writing Christ on my palm. Keeping Him ever before me as I go about my day. A constant reminder in this world that He is my focus.

That He treasures me enough to engrave my name on His palms amazes me. I cannot truly fathom it. And it changes everything.



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