Eliminating Excuses

With winter coming (quickly, it seems) I thought it was time to get some way to exercise at home. I am loving my outdoor walks every morning, and I hope they can continue for another month, but I want to be prepared for rain or more cold than I want to deal with. I am working hard at getting healthy and I don’t want to get derailed.

So today, I pulled out an exercise machine that went into storage when we moved. 12 years ago. Ahem. Yes, it sat in my mom’s basement all that time and finally moved with my daughter and I when we got our own place a few months ago.

I cleaned it all up, figured out how to unstick it and tried it out. Still works perfectly! I thought all that time in the basement might have made it freeze up for good.

A few days ago, I set up an old tv in the basement and now the fully functioning exercise machine is in front of it.

I am finding that as I have these goals in front of me each day, the motivation is building. I am tackling more projects (big and small) that I wanted to do, but never did.


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