Drawing Close

James 4:8  Draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

Growing up in church is a wonderful thing, but it is equally wonderful when something you have heard so many times before suddenly becomes real. This verse just became real to me.

In the past, I heard it (in my head) as “Draw close to God and you’ll be closer to God.” I imagined Him standing in one place and as I moved closer, He maybe turned toward me, and certainly didn’t move away, but He stayed in that place.

Then I heard it again a few days ago. And suddenly I heard that God himself draws close. He is just waiting for us to turn to Him and seek Him and draw close. Then God Himself, moves towards us.

The God who created the entire universe. Who made the intricate leaves on the trees and the indescribable creatures of the earth and each individual snowflake. The God who made each and every star and can hold back the waves and quiet the storms with one word from His mouth. That God wants to draw near to me. He is waiting for each and every one of us. As soon as we take a step towards Him, he takes a step towards us. He draws close.

I cannot imagine anything more humbling and wonderful than that.

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