Dancing Clothes

Yes. You read that right. Dancing Clothes.

I am not referring to clothes you wear to go dancing. I am referring to the crazy thing I found myself doing this morning.

My kiddo is creative. She has a great imagination and loves to use it. She could just lay in her bed “imaginary-ing” for hours on end sometimes. What she doesn’t have a lot of is motivation. Her teacher referred to her as “pokey”. That is perfect. It’s not that she is trying to be disobedient. (At least not always). She is very busy in her brain, watching other kids, pretending, processing, whatever. But sometimes, I need to get her moving.

Like this morning. She just wanted to lay in bed and stretch. And lay some more. I know from experience that if I tell her I am going to pick out her clothes if she doesn’t, attitudes can deteriorate lightning-fast. So sometimes, I just give her options, to get her thinking about clothes. I had put Mandisa’s Good Morning song on my phone to help us along. I pulled out a shirt and without thinking, was bopping the shirt around to the music. It was on its hanger and looked pretty funny. The kiddo was delighted! She froze for a few seconds, like “what the heck is happening here”, then started laughing and egging me on. “Mom! Mom! Get another shirt to dance with it!”

Yes. I ended up making two shirts dance around in perfect unison. Not easy to have the energy make everything fun, but so worth it to get that reaction from her.

What a great start to our day.

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