Christmas Countdown

One of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions is this Christmas Countdown. Every year my grandma would give me this countdown with candy tied on or, as I got older, coins. To me, it didn’t matter what was on it. It just mattered that my grandma made it. I gave it back to her every year and looked forward to getting it back the following December.

When I was in college, I asked her to make one last one for me. I asked her to write a note to me for each day instead of coins or candy. She seemed to think it was an odd idea. Why would I want tiny little notes? But, she did as I asked.

I still have 19 of the notes. Little scraps of paper that have lived in my dresser drawer for years. Some with poems, some with verses, some with wisdom. 19 beautiful little memories of how much my grandma loved me. In case you can’t tell, I ADORED her!

And THIS year, I am finally passing the countdown on to my daughter.

I gave it to her this morning and told her its story and read her the poem. Tonight she gets to unwrap and eat the first Hershey Kiss.

I love that I can pass these traditions on to my little one!

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