Birthday Blessings

I was not excited about my birthday this year. I used to love to celebrate birthdays, but the last few years, it’s been harder. I still want to celebrate the little one’s birthday, of course. We could have a week-long extravaganza for that and it might not be enough for me!

But I wasn’t looking forward to mine. I had a couple of ideas of things we could do. But I really wanted an adventure.

Then, on the morning of my birthday, my little one came running in, jumped on my bed and said “Momma! It’s time for your first present!” Who would not love waking up to that! She decorated a vase for me with pretty ribbons. I asked her why it was my “first” present. She said in case there were others she had forgotten about.

But the real gift was the whole day we got to spend together. We went to a winter festival, watched ice scuplting, did a craft. We went to McDonald’s for lunch, thanks to a gift card from my aunt. Then we went thrift store shopping and to my sister’s for dinner.

Not a grand adventure. But it turned out to be a wonderful day, just being together.

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