Best Rummage Sale EVER!

I dragged my poor daughter to yet another rummage sale last weekend. She is pretty used to it by now. She actually started labeling a bunch of her toys for her pretend rummage sale a week ago.

I have this new project I want to create and list on etsy. Jewelry organizers. I saw them last week and cannot wait to create my version of them. So I have been searching high and low for the hardware I have in mind. I have been to estate sales, thrift stores and rummage sales. I had found a few that would work, but needed lots more.

So off we went to this massive yearly rummage sale that benefits a local school. I have never been to it before, but definitely plan on going again next year.

I was looking in little boxes, hoping to find a drawer knob or two. Then I turned around. Oh my word. There were TONS of sample hardware boards, filled with beautiful metal knobs and pulls. I think I gasped! Then I started sorting through them all and finding so very many that would be perfect for my projects. I picked boards and my daughter added them to the pile. Then she started choosing them too. We got so many, we had to use a wagon to take them all to the car. Not sure what I will do with the drawer pulls and some of the hooks yet, but I’ll figure something out. (We finally counted them the next day. We have 163 drawer knobs alone!)

Now I have major work in front of me. Taking all of these hundreds of pieces of hardware off their boards and organizing them. I definitely have something to spend my 31 minutes a day of etsy time on!

I tend to thrive while doing something creative. Parts of my job can be very boring. Then I find a new “something” I want to create and feel lighter than air. I love the moment of inspiration and the work afterwards to fulfill the vision in my head.

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